Custom Software Development

No matter whether you are just starting a project or have an existing project needing further development. We take projects at any stage and can help with the initial analysis and consultancy, system architecture and design, development, testing and remote or on-site deployment.

We offer web applications, web services, desktop applications and windows services development.

System Integration

If you want to integrate your existing systems and create a complete solution based on your existing infrastructure and software investments we can help you make the systems talk each other, build integration hubs, integration management tools and analytical processing solutions aggregating information from all systems across your enterprise.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services can help you take your projects off the ground, solve new technical challenges or assess your current systems and the possibilities to improve them further.

As part of these services we offer technical feasibility studies of new technologies and prototyping of critical system components to assess new system architecture and system integration challenges.

Quality Assurance

We offer several services to ensure the quality of your software solutions including black box and white box testing, source code and architecture reviews.

Project Rescue

Do you need help to finish your project on time, improve its technical or functional quality or fix performance and scalability problems? We offer expertise and fresh resources to bring your project back on track.